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“Do You HATE Chloe & Kelly?” An Open Letter

“Do You HATE Chloe & Kelly?”

Chloe and Kelly

Chloe and Kelly wonder why the world hates them

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An Open Letter to the ‘My Kitchen Rules’ production team

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For the past weeks I have been annoyed at the Producers and Editors of ‘My Kitchen Rules’, a Reality TV Show from the 7 Network.

But what started as a niggle …a mild discomfort, has escalated and transformed into completely insulting. Not only is the show insulting my own intelligence, it is insulting the very people it has cast in this year’s competition. I understand the nature of ‘Villains’ on a Reality Show, heck, they are my favourite contestants. But the general public’s inability to separate ‘Editing’ from ‘Fact’, and using Social Media as a medium to express their disgust is when this harmless ‘Light Entertainment’, becomes ugly and disturbing. Not to mention, the lack of restraint shown by the production team in ACTUALLY adding fuel to this fire.


Reality TV, like any other television show needs to tell a story to the audience and create the usual talking points which we will later discuss around the water cooler.

As in any story, we need our heroes, we need our villains …understandable. Who are our central ‘Villains’ on this year’s MKR? Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock, their names are Chloe and Kelly. Two well travelled friends who have done next to nothing to deserve this disgusting treatment.

Oh, but their attitude is horrible!”

“They are so arrogant!”

I hear you audience members cry!

But really… do these little things really spark such an outrage? If comments like these insult you, then you need to become better acquainted with Reality TV and understand what a true ‘Villain’ is.

In my many years of watching this genre, I have seen people make bold racial and political statements. Lie about family members being deceased. Even pretending their house and family dog were lost in Hurricane Katrina!

Chloe Kelly2

“I didn’t enjoy their food”

Starting to see what I mean. These girls don’t even come close to being referred to as truly unlikable characters.


But what is perhaps the biggest concern, are the editing techniques being used (and I must add very poorly executed) to make these girls the ‘Villains’. What I am specifically referring to, are the inclusions of reaction shots, that are clearly not happen ‘in the moment’ and choices of which confessionals are being shown. It’s all very negative and all very much one-sided. These girls are not just a character, but, wait for it …Real People, with many more aspects of their personality than which is being presented. And hey, if people were like myself and had a strong understanding of Reality TV Editing, this would be all good. In an INTELLIGENT world this would be fine, but it is become more and more clear that your viewing audience, with all due respect, are not intelligent at all! People are buying everything you’re selling, taking everything they see in this show as FACT and reacting irrationally on social media.


Surely, you are aware of the negative reaction and cyber bullying these girls received during the first week of the program:



Chloe and Kelly are very unlikeable humans frankly. To think they want to cull sharks in WA and these people walk around freely? #mkr



Best part of the next round of #MKR? Getting to bag Chloe and Kelly all over again #winning



Chloe and Kelly from WA. You are tip rats, choke on your food please.


Keep in mind, these are real Tweets and far from the worst I’ve witnessed.


When the girls returned during the Gate-Crasher week, (This is where the poor editing was most prevalent) rather than trying to calm the fire started back in Week One, you fed it petrol. And for what reason? To see how high you could get the flames? It’s like sending your child off to his first day of school with a big ol’ kick me sign attached to his back. A little bit of restraint would have been appreciated. Sure, you have another target to share the hate, Captain Jack Nicholson (if you were wondering), but clearly a man in his fifties is much better equipped to deal with this situation than two young woman.


Jack Nicholson can handle anything!

I’m guessing your news programs have reported on cyber bullying before. I’m sure you’re currently covering the tragedy of what’s happened to Charlotte Dawson over the past 24 hours. I can imagine you are all speaking in low, serious and sad tones about how online negativity played a part in this terrible occurrence.

And on that, over the years, have you not explored the ways in which schools are trying to target this new medium of harassment. Have you not shed a tear for the young people who have had their lives destroyed by bullying? Of course you have! In fact, I’ve had a channel 7 personality attend the school I teach at to talk about targeting the issue!


Through simple, editing techniques you are standing your ‘Villains’ in front of a firing squad. Not for the REALITY of their actions, but for the CONSTRUCTED character YOU are presenting to us.

An informed opinion and judgement of a person cannot be expressed in a Tweet of 140 characters. All that can be said is a quick remark, either positive or negative. And guess whose reading these reactions? That’s right! An unintelligent public, with the inability to question what they see, many of which are impressionable teenagers. The same teenagers we are trying to deter from this behaviour,


I’m sure you and the network would never encourage this, but you could at least make a BIT of an effort to discourage it. By inserting hash-tags and tweets into the show, you are telling your audience that this behaviour on Social Media is an integral part of the viewing experience and that the conversations occurring online are OK to take part in.


There needs to be a form of control. How this could all be managed? I don’t know… you’re the ones in the industry and I’m the guy furiously typing away on his lap-top.


In a show where you want the public to root for the “Nice” people, because, “Oh my, I can relate to them!”  This ‘Nice’ general audience are awful quick to show us their extremely ugly and dark sides online, and the comments being made by them are far worse than ANYTHING said by the girls.


Channel 7 and the MKR Production Team, do not forget that YOU are the ones who cast these girls, YOU are the ones in control of how they are being presented to the public , and YOU are the ones responsible for what is currently happening to them.

Do they need to meet a tragic end like Charlotte Dawson for anyone to actually stop and see what is happening? I’m sure EVERYONE hopes not!



I titled this article “Do You Hate Chloe & Kelly” and do you know why?

Because I felt that would get the most attention from this audience. If I titled it, “In Support of Chloe & Kelly” or “Are Chloe & Kelly Being Treated Unfairly” would half as many people click on the link.

Hell no!

Think about your intentions and your behaviours, all of you.

This is getting out of hand.


Yours Sincerely,


LS. Jedd

Host of the Really Reality Really Podcast

– – –

 For a further discussion on this topic, be sure to tune into the Podcast:


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  1. Asher buck

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been absolutely disgusted at this show and the absolutely ignorant people who watch it! As a family member of one of the “villians” I have found it incredibly hard to swallow the very poor representation of the girls and the backlash they have received! Cyber bullies have taken it upon themselves to not only attack the girls but to now pry into their social lives and attack family members as well. If this series it to continue channel 7 need to seriously address their approach and perhaps show the ” real people, real food” as they advertised!!!!

    1. Drew

      Asher where do you get off calling anyone ignorant. Isn’t this just what you cause of?

  2. Wyn Johnson

    It’s a shame those girls are being shown in that light, but I must admit to not liking them myself because of it. Something should be done,before it really gets ugly

  3. Linda gordon

    Thankyou so much
    I’m Kelly aunt and I love her dearly and reading all the horrible things about the girls is affecting me personally
    I suffer from major depression and I’m finding it harder to read the comments but I’m trying to put positive things on line hoping people will might change there minds I hope channel 7 will take note of the comments on here and do something about it

    Thankyou again

    1. reallyrealityreally@gmail.com

      You can rest assured that once the show ends the public will forget about the girls and (unfortunately) set their sights on another target. Try to avoid Social Media it’s disgusting and not worth your time. You know what’s truthful and there are others who do also. Glad you found this article.

    2. Michelle Holmes

      Sorry to hear that this is affecting you but maybe you really should take it up with channel 7 and MKR crew as they are the ones selling the girls out like this. Though if you are prepared to sell yourself to be on TV you have to be prepared for the concequences. Hard facts but everything comes at a cost.

  4. Lisa Rainsford

    Such a great article! Thanks for sharing. It’s beyond my compression that people can behave like this and not suffer any repercussions. Those that wrote abusive/threatening comments online directed to another person should have their internet banned the same way a license is suspended when you drive your car recklessly. It’s unfortunate that social media has advanced much faster than the law.

  5. Cally Ellis

    I don’t watch the programme for this very reason. Just the ad’s alone, turn me off the show, and that’s sad because I love watching cooking shows, but I just can’t watch this particular show.

  6. Ryan

    For a “reality” show the representations of these characters
    In particular Kelly and Chloe are extremely unrealistic.

  7. Danielle

    It’s all in the editing? That’s what’s making these girls look bad? Not likely. They must have said these nasty things in the first place or we wouldn’t be seeing them on our screen. The viewing public is not stupid, but you sound very naive.

  8. Carmela

    I agree with Danielle, their words have not been changed or edited or the faces they pull. In saying that, they do not deserved to be told to choke! I really do hope they are the next ones eliminated. Sorry but they’re not likeable and PLENTY of others are, and they can COOK!

  9. Carmen

    We all KNEW that Channel 7 would use some severe editing to get strong reactions out of the public. & guess what as 2 well traveled and presumably educated individuals both Kelly & Chloe knew it too when they decided to go on the show. They must have seen previous years’ episodes where ‘Villains’ were created. Nobody forced these girls to conduct themselves the way they did. If they did not actually pull the faces at people or make the nasty remarks then it wouldnt be on tv. Carly Tresne or Bree Jessica for example, you cant find negative things about them because they dont believe in such negative publicity. Admittedly cyber bullying is a cowardly act. Most of these people would never say horrible things to people’s faces. But these girls do actually have the guts to come on national tv and say very rude and judgemental things about others. So what does that make them? BULLIES. Yes you read that right. These girls are bullies as well. They constantly wish ill for others and say some very very mean things. Sometimes I feel glad I do not people like that in real life. Channel 7 has already edited the content to make them look worse than they are. But they brought it upon themselves by openly disrespecting older contestants and constantly putting others down to feel better about themselves. I feel sorry for their families of course. But people are only reacting to what they are saying. It would be very hard to make somebody like Carly look evil. Being in competition does not mean you have to put others down. Also people would excuse them if they were such great cooks, which clearly they are not.

    1. Rebekah

      l totally agree with this, it is so sad that what is meant to be a light entertainment show has come to this nastiness and bad role models to younger audiences, also the open letter by LS Jedd is stating “an uneducated audiences” what gives him the right to judge when he is accusing others of cyber bullying when he is doing it himself? quite offending, also what about the two youngest girls in the show, do you think they enjoyed being insulted and made fun of? this is truly sickening.

      1. reallyrealityreally@gmail.com

        I guess what I’m saying is there is a line between having fun with a CHARACTER on a Reality Show, because they have been edited to fill a certain archetype on the show, and then crossing that line and attacking their personal lives, assuming that this is who they Truly are!
        Until you meet a person from a TV show you need to hold back a bit of judgement. Sure, hate Chloe and Kelly and The Captain for what they do and say ON THE SHOW, but be attentive enough to notice the editing tricks that are giving these guys an extra oomph! to boost their Characters.
        Another example of this is Hapless Harry, do you think he’s this clumbsy and unfortunate in his own life? Of course not! But hey, it gives us a laugh, all good.
        And Rebekah, what have I said that you feel has been offensive, interested to know.

        Thanks for the comments!

  10. Rebekah

    l just find it offensive that you are insinuating that the whole audience is uneducated, anyway l think channel 7 has a lot of explaining to do, l do agree a lot of the internet comments are terrible there should be censorship of what can be stated on commenting of other people, some of the comments were very bad.

  11. Rebekah

    l am finding the show too depressing and l already suffer from this. in the end we can just stop watching the show it is a choice whether or not to watch it, l won’t be next season and looking forward to Master chef, LS Jedd it is nice that you are doing this letter as it shows you have a heart for others, God bless you.

  12. Renae

    Well done!! I’m so sick of this ridiculous behavior of people – constant abuse!! Who do they think they are?? I love cooking shows but I will never watch MKR again! Which is sad as I think both judges are great!! However I prefer to watch Master Chef as it’s still reality tv but with positive feedback! And instead of MKR I now watch the block!! Far more enjoyable shows!! There is none of this rubbish on those reality tv shows! I hope they axe MKR! Which would be unfortunate as many love the opportunity to be a home cook. But I just won’t support this behavior!
    I just feel channel 7 has really gone down hill and obviously struggling for viewers as they seem to be acting out in desperation.
    So well done for doing something about this nonsense!!

  13. Eve

    These two women are fake and back stabbing bitches. I hope they get sent home soon. They always have something nasty to say about every one’s food. And yet they cannot cook for crap. I was a cook before i had a bad accident at work, i can cook way better then them!!!!!!!!.

  14. Tony Hill

    I think most people don’t relies or have forgotten this a cooking competition , ready steady cook don’t bag or make there competitors look bad ,MKR has gone so far over board with trying to keep there high ratings they don’t give 2 hoots on what they are doing to these 2 girls.. Comments like I live in WA if I see them I will punch there faces in , really? that’s what a TV cooking comp show is about ? people wanting to do physical harm , well im ashamed at channel 7 and any one else allowing this to happen , I tell you one single hair is even touched on those girls I hope they sue your asses channel 7 , but most of all turning 2 wonderful women into bad girls with your twisted acts of editing is what is most disturbing , I hope many people will relies your show is just pathetic on how you treat your contestant’s ..Shame on you MKR.

  15. barcoo

    You’ve made me stop and think. What you’ve said is very plausible and I have to admit to being one of the people who have been sucked in. I’ll look at Chloe and Kelly more closely from now on to see if I can catch any nasty editing myself. This is a cooking show, it’s not “Survivor” – I wonder just what Channel 7 is trying to achieve here. A proper well-run cooking show, without all this showmanship and twists would be far more popular with viewers, I’m sure.

  16. damo

    Im sorry but those girls are so disrespectful. Channel 7 may have made the situation worse than it could have been. but they haven’t been given a script. all there horrible comments are their own doing. yes i understand there’s always one bad team in a reality show. but seriously there just plain nasty. or just playing it up for fame. either way bad move.

  17. Karen Courteney

    Nobody makes them say what they say or pull the faces they pull. None of the other contestants openly route for failure of the others. They even went so far as to hope Bree and Jess ended up at the bottom of the table when they are sitting at their table! They have no respect for anyone and are thoroughly unlikeable.

    1. reallyrealityreally@gmail.com

      How is Helena and Vikki hoping Chloe and Kelly fail any different?

  18. Danny

    Agreed , Chloe and Kelly are a couple of snobby , rude, stuck up, disrespectful moles. Nobody likes a “know it all”. Channel 7 has obviously edited footage but the girls have dug their own grave with their comments and behaviour. They’re not the only miles in the show , they share their cave with The mother and daughter team from NSW – total stuck up moles as well, and the cradle snatcher from QLD with his fat mole of a wife. All the other teams are normal 😀

  19. Ronaldo

    So much crying for nothing… so what that they were editted as villans… Bullying is for the weak of mind and heart! With this “bullying” bs we are creating idiots that can not defend and suport themselves. So sorry, life is tough and you better stand up tall to survive”

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